About Us


We are XYZClassified.com - a FREE, local classified advertising website, translatable into over 72 languages.


Clearly this isn't a classified website... If you click the logo up there, thats where that magic happens. This is a place to browse, meet the team, hang out... all that good stuff.

So stay a while, bring your friends, comment, share, enjoy.


Easy as ABC, post your ad on XYZ and INSTANTLY translate it into over 72 languages!


Meet the Team

I might know almost everything there is to know about art and creativity, but when it comes to food, music, medical, tech, and - lets be honest - anything not arty or creative...

"I get by with a little help from my friends" 

Yes we can thank the Beatles for their help there...

SO, anyway... let me introduce you to our team; if I don't have what you're looking for, give them a click - I can almost guarantee one of them will!



Mini Mikey

The Paper Boy

Sophia Van Easel


Chef Tommaso

Food Master

Eugene Bytes


Doc Goodnews

Medical Extraordinaire

Steve Dudeski

The Rock Star

Joe Hardhat

Head Contractor

Valentina Modella

The Fashionista

Partner with us

Have you ever wanted to own a franchise, but wanted the benefit of being able to work from home... all comfy... on the couch... in your pyjamas?

Well, now you can.

XYZClassifieds.com is LIKE a franchise but without the bricks and mortar.